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RHT FY10: great results – yet… March 25, 2010

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RHT just posted its FY10 results and they are very good and this, despite a weak US+EU economy and weak USD currency during that period.

Yet, some analysts have been negative about it and, consequently, after-hours trading was down -3.x%.

The best comment is probably from Katherine Egbert (Jefferies & Co), who wrote “They gave a conservative forecast. Given that the economy is in recovery and IT spending is improving, the question is why,”. You are wondering why?!? Where did you see that the economy is in recovery? Homes sales have hit their record low, unemployment rate has hit its record high, IT spending for SMB is low and will only marginally increase in 2010, etc.

The economy is doing fine, the economy is doing fine, the economy is doing fine… It seems Mr. Coué still has quite a few adepts.

Should I fire my banker? March 9, 2009

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He looks too much like he knows what he is speaking about… that ain’t a good sign…

Is it still possible for FOSS companies to raise VC capital? February 16, 2009

Posted by Sacha in Finance, JBoss.

Good question, especially in those difficult times.

And it seems the answer is a victorious YES. Here is a short list of some of the 2009 rounds:



“And what follows the debt binge? The hangover.” August 30, 2007

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In Barrons, a very good summary of the current embarrassment on the financial markets, by Jacqueline Doherty:

IN EVERY BUST THAT FOLLOWS A BOOM embarrassing details emerge showing just how eager the players were to participate in the insanity. In the current bust, these revealing nuggets are buried in the lending commitments of some of the largest pending LBOs.

Over the past three or four months, bankers have committed to lending LBO targets about $300 billion to fund buyouts. Their plan was to sell the loans to institutional investors. But demand for leveraged debt has evaporated in the recent market turmoil, even as yields on existing leveraged loans have risen.


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